About Us

NextClaim Solutions is an end-to-end, mass-tort settlement administrator. Our diverse team customizes multifaceted, proprietary systems to resolve complex litigation settlements.

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of one of the country’s largest mass-tort claim businesses, NextClaim’s foundation is rooted in 20 years of broad, comprehensive knowledge and deep experience.

NextClaim’s parent company, the Delaware Claims Processing Facility LLC, or DCPF, was founded in 2006, and began taking on claims from its predecessor, the Celotex Asbestos Settlement Trust Claim Facility (Celotex), founded in 1998.

Over the past two decades, the DCPF has effectively processed millions of claims for 10 asbestos settlement trusts. More recently, the DCPF diversified – assisting in the processing of three sizable, automobile product liability MDL/class actions and medical device MDL's.

NextClaim was founded to focus on administering complex litigation settlements and to further the DCPF’s mission of assisting victims of mass torts. Veteran management and our diverse, skilled workforce draw upon more than 20 years of experience in creating tailored, claim processes and procedures to address the unique needs of each client.

Our Team

NextClaim’s team is its backbone and we are privileged to have more than 300 dedicated professionals to provide our clients and the claimants with an unmatched experience.

Our team has broad and deep skills, honed from decades of work in the high transaction, complicated world of asbestos mass tort settlement trusts. Our team has operationalized bankruptcy plans of reorganization and these individuals have worked to create tailored processes and procedures that ensure an efficient settlement experience.

Our team has launched every one of its multiple asbestos settlement trusts promptly and our claim workflow leads to consistent and accurate claim outcomes.


Diversity is at the very heart of our organization. More than half of our leadership team is comprised of women and more than one-third of our workforce is racially and ethnically diverse. Our team is not only diverse by gender and race but also generationally: 12% boomers, 32% gen-Xers and 56% millennials. Management has continually supported – and proved internally – that a diverse organization fosters critical thinking, collaboration and innovation.